5 steps to make your email marketing work

1. Put links to your landing pages in your email content

Landing pages are essential in the cycle of web marketing. The landing page should have a clear call to action for people to take once on the page. This could be to download something, sign up for something or to take some software for a testdrive. By putting links from your email to your landing page you are paving a clear path that is measurable and you can see the return on your investment.

2. Make your subject headline noticeable

Your subject headline is a great way to get people to notice your email in their inbox. If you have a compelling offer you want people to notice, then a headline such as "about our new widget" is as exciting as a wet dog. "50% off our new widget - introductory offer" is more enticing, and makes you more likely to want to pat the dog than shoo it away.

3. Make it snappy!

Short chunks of text are more likely to be read than a novel. People are busy and if they see screeds of text they can feel daunted and trash your email on the spot. Well presented short bursts of text that entice people through to your web page means that they are interested in your content and want to know more.

4. Timing your delivery

Try to avoid sending email campaigns on a Monday or a weekend and between 8am - 9am. People tend to prioritise their day and start by checking email, that's true, but the common habit is to reduce clutter by throwing out anything deemed unimportant. After lunch seems like a much better time as people relax about their inboxes and have got the morning rush out of the way.

5. Spammy emails suck!

 We all hate them don't we? So to avoid your email from being marked as spam it has to have these key things:

  • Be who you say you are.  
    You must own the email address you send from and the domain name you send people to must be what you say it is.
  • Don't lie in your subject line
    Your subject line must not be misleading.  If you say you are giving a discount on shoes, then that's what your email must contain. 
  • You need to have an actual physical address
    Somewhere in your email you must have a physical address that you can recieve communication via snail mail.  
  • Have a visible opt out/unsubscribe link and take people off your list if they unsubscribe.
    This cannot be an invisible link and is required by law.  You have 10 days to take people off your list if an unsubsribe request is made. 

Follow these 5 key rules and reap the rewards of email marketing.

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