5 Top Marketing tips for Tradespeople

5 Top Marketing tips for Tradespeople

1) Backlinks - Backlinks are probably the number one thing to work on as google looks at how many sites link to yours. But here's the catch: Google prefers sites that have high traffic and relevant information rather than mirror sites and those sites you come across that just have a bunch of links.

2) Nocowboys site - I would strongly recommend that you register on that site as then you have social proof when you get feedback. If other people recommend you then surely it's OK to use you. If other people use you and recommend you, you create goodwill and trust. Plus you can get links back to your own site. (Refer to #1) Remember the more credible high traffic sites that you have linking to your site will increase your credibility on google and push you higher to the top of the search results page.

3) Add your details on google maps.  Google maps comes up first in the results page so that is an area you can capitalize on.

4) To build a high quality marketing/information site will require good quality images, great copywriting, a great offer. A good marketing idea ifs to give away a digital product(brochure or report) for free in exchange for your visitors email address. By giving away a free report you'll be adding value for your clients and building yourself up to be the expert in your field.

5) Keep your site up to date and encourage return visits. You need to build loyalty and fans of your services or product. Run a competition, offer a free product or service, First one to call from seeing your promotional offer gets a t-shirt etc. Email marketing from your database will encourage people to visit the site and take up your special offer. Of course when your visitor signs up for the free report, that's where you get their email.

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