Video Killed the radio star

Video killed the radio star but will online media be the death of print media?

In my mind the answer is no. There will always be the need for print media. There is always the tactile need for a book that will win out in the end. It's not as easy lying in bed to read your iPad, kindle or NOOK. These technologies seem great on the surface, you certainly wont get pinged for extra baggage at the airport when you take off on your overseas holiday as you can load up thousands of books onto your device.  I must confess that I am a bit of a gadget geek and normally I would be leaping on the band wagon but living in the world of technology I actually yearn for the tactile experience. 

There's a great article looking at the considerations when buying an ebook reader but personally I think I'll stick with the library and hard copys.  After all, in Waipukurau it's free to join and take books out and in this economic climate who can compete with that!

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