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A sermon on functionality and the now.

Your website is not just a marketing tool!

There are so many possibilities for an online tool to increase your productivty.  Take for instance you're a plumber, you have 6 guys on the road covering different areas each day.  All are equipped with a smart phone and know how to use them.

Traditionally they may have phoned the office and ask where to next?  By the time you've taken the call, explained just where they can find the place, what the job is etc, it's been 5 minutes.  Doesn't seem like a lot but when you have 6 guys doing that each day, the time adds up. Half an hour per day.  Times that by 250 days and thats 125 hours a year.

Now imagine that you book your jobs into the online system from home or the office, if it's an urgent job then a text is sent alerting the plumber that's closest. He isn't too sure where it is, but by integrating internet mapping into the system, it's a piece of cake.

Lets expand this theory for a minute and see how it could benefit your clients.  Yep you guessed it, an online booking system. Your customers can book jobs in online.  This means that anyone could jump onto your website at any time and book their job in.  Of course if it's an urgent job they can still ring you!

The beauty of this system is that it's accessible from any internet enabled device.  So you might arrive at work in the morning and check the bookings online and plan your day accordingly.  Even better still, you check it from home and make a few phone calls and your day is organised.  Your staff could access the job log via their phones and see what's next.

Your staff could fill out time sheets online too!

If you build your website on a flexible platform it will allow you to grow alongside your business.

So take the blinkers off and let your imagination run free. 

The possibilities are endless.

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