Why you need to consider Mobile Design

Heading into the future armed with a website that isn't compatible with mobile devices, will be a mistake according to Rochelle at Devol.

"People that are on the move and armed with a cellphone have all the information they need at their fingertips. Therefore it's important to consider this aspect when designing your website. Also with the increase in tablet usage, ipads and the like, you are better off getting a website that will automatically resize to suit the device it's being accessed from"

People always carry their cellphone

And if it's a smartphone, they most likely will use it to access the web.
Answer this, how many people do you know who use facebook on their phone? Check their emails while out and about?

Check out the following statistics for mobile device usage:

More than a quarter (27%) of users access the Internet from a hand-held mobile device such as a smartphone or an iPad.

12% of Internet users, over 10% of the NZ population as a whole, spend 5 hours or more a week online from a wireless hand-held device.

And, the proportion of users accessing the Internet from a handheld mobile device for 10 hours a week or more has increased from almost none in 2007, to 8% of users in 2011.

Of the over 4.5 m phones in market, it’s estimated: 800,000 are smartphones

It's more convenient to carry a smart phone than a laptop

This one goes without saying.  Have you ever seen someone try to slip their laptop into their back pocket?  No?  I thought not. Small and discreet, the smart phone is your pal.  It goes everywhere with you and holds all your important information.  You'd be lost without it.  Yet your laptop can contain that same information and be way more comfortable to work on, but much more of a pain to cart everywhere.

Anyone can afford a smartphone

It's cheaper than buying a laptop. And smartphones are being sold from supermarkets, that's how common and cheap they are getting. Entry level smartphones start from around $190, try getting a new laptop for that price.

Internet access anytime, anywhere

As long as there is mobile coverage, with your smartphone you have access to information. 

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