Rochelle Alder

Rochelle Alder - Web Geek

Cheif cook and bottle washer, Rochelle Alder is the digital graphic designer and Managing Director of Devol. Rochelle started building websites in 2006.  Deciding that this was her career calling, she spent a year studying and completed a Diploma in Web Development & Multimedia at EIT in 2008.

Since then she has been creating websites for small to medium sized businesses, and producing stunning artwork for clients with tight turn around times, branding businesses and plannning email marketing campaigns. Her range of skills include but aren't limited to graphic design for print and web, themeing and templating websites, content creation and client consultation.

"I'm a Geek and I love it!  I love designing and building websites because it's an area where the more you know, the more there is to know and therefore will never be boring.  Because this industry is changing so fast you need to be flexible and adaptive in your approach and I get a kick out of helping people understand it.  I have a sense of humour too, I haven't quite convinced people that www stands for 'wicked web work' but I'm working on it!"